20 April, 2012

Stuffing around with the template

This is going to make or break my confidence with the new blogger. I want what I like and not what blogger wants to give me in the way of templates. Go back to my last post to see how the blog looked to start off with because I'm sure that by the time I get to the end of this, it will have changed!

Using the "Links"

Using the link button which is in the composing section above and then opening the site into a new window by adding a target="_blank code, I'm going to show you what my Bliss-X-stitches currently looks like. It has taken years of refinement but one still has a few bugs: namely that its font is a bit small: Blissxstitches.

Well, well, well!

What I just learned about links is interesting. I used the same codes to get back and to go to the Bliss-X-stitches sites but one scrolled to the article and the other opened, as expected, in a new window. While this wasn't the intent, I still find it cool.

Using the 'add page' button

This was an interesting outcome. Of course, it doesn't work with my old template. It's a keeper for now!

Changing the background ΓΌ

That's about the only thing I've worked out how to do. The editing stuff won't let me show the headings on the page.

Some hours later ...

We're cooking with gas!

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